Optimize the LTV of your customers

Unlock the potential of your data with automated causal machine learning

Churney enables B2C companies to grow profitably by acquiring the best possible new customers and maximizing the LTV of their existing customers


  1. 54%increase in ROAS for Single.dk
  2. 28%increase in ROAS for Søstrene Grene
  3. 20%increase in ROAS for Codeway

Our solutions

01Acquire the best possible new customers
Fast and reliable LTV predictions are an essential building block for a ROAS focused user acquisition strategy. Our deep causal ML models ensure predictions that are accurate, and robust to drift and changes in environment, allowing you to:
  • Directly optimize your user acquisition campaigns for what matters most by feeding our LTV predictions to Meta and Google
  • Focus your ad spend on the campaigns that drive the most predicted LTV, and quickly switch off underperforming efforts
02Maximize the LTV of your existing customers
Retention is difficult to get right, but essential for long-term success. With our causal ML based treatment effect predictions, you can ensure that you're always giving the right treatment to the right customer at the right time:
  • Predict churn before it happens, and more importantly, predict how to best counteract it
  • Understand which incentives will work best at each step of your customer's journey
  • Effectively retain customers and maximise their LTV

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